Abhit Upadhyay SEO कोर्स

क्या किसी ने abhit upadhyay SEO कोर्स खरीदा है?

अगर आपने इसे खरीदा है तो इसके क्या फायदे हैं, हम सभी को बताएं ?

SEO is dynamic and changes everyday.
So, I don’t waste my time in courses. (Disclaimer: That doesn’t mean that you don’t need it or this doesn’t mean that, this course is bad.)

But only for beginners a basic SEO course by an expert will be better to understand the basic fundamentals of SEO.

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Yes, this course will help beginners.

Sahi kaha Rajdeep ji ne. Courses ke jagah khud experiment karo. Sab sikh jaoge.


SEO Courses are only suitable for newbies.

Hmm @raviblogger bhai

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Hmm @Prabhanjan Bhai

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