Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve AdSense


Your AdSense application status

As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s).

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below

Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:

It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

My web -

1 year old domain
75 post
Daily Page view 150-200

please suggest–adsens approved nahi ho raha hai.

main abhi infolink ka ad laga diya hai.


Apke saare contents bahut chote chote hai. Kamse kam 700 words ki article likhiye.
Recent topic ke upar aur 20-30 articles likhiye aur fir apply kariye. Jitna jyada content likhenge utna achha hai aur sab unique hone chahiye.